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A Good Enough Day

Mother and child

Some holidays are more difficult than others, but Mother’s Day brings up many emotions in all of us, from those who have a wonderful relationship with their mothers to those who have not seen her in many years. The relationship between a mother and a child is unique and the most valuable. What happens when that relationship is not good enough?

Many years ago, Mr. Winnicott, a wonderful pediatrician and psychoanalyst, developed the concept of “Good enough mother” and the impact on development of having one or not. He described the good enough mother as one that can adapt to the needs of the infant to support the development of a strong Ego.

Having a good enough mother is what allows us to move forward in life. Sometimes it does not need to be a mother per se but a caregiver that has the capabilities to fulfill the infant’s needs. One way or another, we all have that one person that has been our “rock”, the one that understood us and made us feel heard. It could be your aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather or even a sibling, a caregiver that validated you and met your needs.

If you still have that “rock” in your life, do not miss the opportunity to recognize her or his efforts to provide you with a good enough childhood. If you don’t, take Mother’s Day as a day of gratitude and be of service to others, just like your “rock” was for you.

With love to my "rock".

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