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Getting ready for the Journey

You have been in a relationship for a while and decided to take a leap into the adventure of marriage. To share this journey with your partner is wonderful, but you do not want to start this journey without a set of tools to help you. One of the advantages of doing premarital counseling is that it clears up partners’ expectations and sets the foundation for a great start. Here are some topics to explore. Expectations- How do you both envision your married life? What expectations you have for each other in regard to managing the household? How was the relationship with each other’s parents? (We learn a lot from our parents) What are your goals in life? A great way to get to know your partner

A Good Enough Day

Some holidays are more difficult than others, but Mother’s Day brings up many emotions in all of us, from those who have a wonderful relationship with their mothers to those who have not seen her in many years. The relationship between a mother and a child is unique and the most valuable. What happens when that relationship is not good enough? Many years ago, Mr. Winnicott, a wonderful pediatrician and psychoanalyst, developed the concept of “Good enough mother” and the impact on development of having one or not. He described the good enough mother as one that can adapt to the needs of the infant to support the development of a strong Ego. Having a good enough mother is what allows us to mov

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