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Group Therapy

If you’re looking for a safe and supportive Group Therapy session that will empower you - then you’ve definitely come to the right place.  Schedule an appointment today and see what group therapy can do for you.

Current Groups

-Mothers' Therapy Group 

Are you overwhelmed by juggling all the different roles? Are you struggling to find time for yourself? Are the toddler years taking a toll on you? 

Here it is some information on the Mothers’ Therapy Group:

1- Assessment: 50 minutes individual session. 
2- Participate in the 8-week program:
Group Session 1- We learn a little about each other. Our strengths and our struggles. 
Group Session 2 and 3- Exploring motherhood 
Group Session 4 and 5- Relationships. 
Group Session 6 and 7 - Self-care. 
Group Session 8- Closing. Developing a community.
This is not an agenda but it works as a guideline.
- Build a support group. 
- Safe exploration of thoughts, fears, feelings, strengths, and experiences. 
- Develop a sense of empowerment, validation, and community. 
- Grow as a woman and as a mother.
When: Mondays 10am to 11:30am 
Where: Santa Monica Office
Cost: $200/month
Close Group 
4 to 6 participants 
Commitment 8 weeks

Group of women watching the sunset
Flyer Mothers' Therapy Group
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